Acupuncture treats two specific ailments that are poorly managed by traditional Western Medicine.

Pain Control:

Western medicine usually treats pain symptoms with anti-inflammatory medications, muscle relaxers, steroids, and/or opiates.  Unfortunately, all of these medications have side-effects, which in some cases, can be worse than the original symptoms they were prescribed to treat.

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Acupuncture treats pain by promoting the body's own natural healing processes, the release of natural endorphins and pain killers, increasing blood flow and circulation to the affected areas,   and diminishing the brain's perception of pain and discomfort.  

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Decreased Energy:

Many patients consult a physician for feeling "not well" or "out of sorts."  Examinations & blood tests tell them they are "normal."  How can this be when the patient does not feel normal?  Western medicine then treats fatigue, decreased energy, diminished libido, depression, & low hormones with anti-depressants, stimulants, vitamins, pain medications, and hormone replacements.

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These patients feel un-well because there is a disturbance in the body's flow of nourishing and restorative energies. Acupuncture treats these conditions by recharging the body's energy, promoting biochemical & hormonal balance, and restoring equilibrium.

Why Acupuncture?