Dr. Lynn T. Le is a medical doctor who has received specialty training and is board certified in Family Medicine.  Dr. Le is the founder and medical director of

Le Concierge MD

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Le Concierge MD believes that time, energy, and resources should be devoted to maintaining a healthy lifestyle (as opposed to treating preventable diseases after the fact).  Current insurance models compensate physicians for treating DISEASE.  Staying healthy becomes the sole responsibility of the patient with little or no help from traditional medical establishments.  At Le Concierge MD,  Dr. Lynn Le focuses on the health and welfare of her patients during the 99% of time when they are NOT sick.  The purpose of her comprehensive medical consultation is to identify habits and environments that can be improved (and corrected) in order to change the quality of life and increase longevity for her patients.  Dr. Le works with her patients to guide lifestyle choices and provides the life coaching support that is needed in order to effect definitive change.

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