The best medical care is delivered when you combine the knowledge and expertise of a well-trained, caring physician with a motivated, health-conscious patient.  This is the fundamental concept that has made Le Concierge MD such a success.  As the founder and medical director of Le Concierge MD,

Dr. Lynn T. Le's vision of combining Western medical science with Eastern medical art has finally been achieved. 

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Le Concierge MD offers patients full access to medical acupuncture as well as medical consultative services in a unique private office setting.  This hybrid practice model is unlike any physician's office you have ever experienced.  At Le Concierge MD, your journey to health and wellness begins with a comprehensive health consultation and assessment.  Treatment options are fully discussed and combine the best from East and West.

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Patients who seek a one-on-one relationship with their personal physician and appreciate concierge service have found both at Le Concierge MD.  As Orlando's premier fee-for-service boutique practice, Le Concierge MD fosters and delivers the ideal doctor-patient experience and provides integrative care in a personalized and thoughtful manner.

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